My first Leaves Leaves by Jock Dempsey

The leaves to the left are my very first leaves (c. 1976). After forging one on one end of a bar then doing another on the other end I thought, "Hmm, why not?" and made an S-hook.

I made the two leaves to the right about 1980. Just about the time I quit blacksmithing full time. We DO improve with practice!

Step by step instructions for making these leaves are on our iForge page.

Leaf S-hooks by Jock Dempsey
These two leaf S-hooks were made in November 1999. One was given as a gift to the Docent that gave CVBG a wonderful tour of the Washington National Cathedral ironwork. The other is in Babe Brandon's ironwork museum in Stevensville, MT. It was a replacement for the really awful leaf I forged on the JYH at the Asheville ABANA conference. This was the first time I had made leaf S-hooks since making my first leaves above.

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