The Revolutionary Blacksmith

A Novel by Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson


No one really writes a book alone. All of us who write have a tremendous amount of help.

Everyone we know, parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, children, and friends contribute to our efforts.

If I tried to acknowledge ALL of the folks who have contributed, I'd have to write another book! But courtesy and love require that I mention a few.

Like Jock Dempsey who had the original idea which became The Revolutionary Blacksmith, and so graciously permitted me to use it, and then agreed to supply all of the illustrations. And who ALSO checked every one of the black smithing scenes for accuracy.

Like Tracy Olszewski, the editor at Ruby Faire who puts up with my occasional silliness and gently guides me down the road.

Like Cindy Scott, Author, who read every word, sometimes five or six times, helping me with style and content.

Like Tom Currie, who also read every word, helping me keep my feet on the ground, and tracking history.

Like Father Frank O'Rourke, pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church, who checked all of the church scenes for historical accuracy.

And like Dorothy Stiegler, Lady Blacksmith, former president of the Artists and Blacksmiths Association of North America, and the inspiration for Dorothea.

I need all of them in my life, and am profoundly grateful that they are here.


This book is dedicated to my own personal red head. She's put up with me for over 40 years now. My Sheri makes my every day worthwhile.

I love you, pigeon!


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Story Copyright © 2001 James Wilson
HTML & Illustrations Copyright © 2001 Jock Dempsey

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