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Sovie Miniature Anvil Collection

Three Souvinir Anvils with Shields

Miniature Souvinir Anvils with Shields

Photos provided by Ken Skaught, Medallion Estates, digitally processed by Jock Dempsey.
Grid is 1" (25mm) square behind, and 1/2" (13mm) lines below. No dimensions provided.

Gift shop souvinirs are big business and anvils with various place names are very common. Those places that want a picture of the place, or more text than will fit on an anvil have these sheild types made. The first two with broad "heater" sheilds have anvils patterned after the Fisher-Norris "Eagle" anvil as indicated by the bolting bosses on the feet.

anvil with shield T Davidson Fountain Cincinnati OH
This is a typical souvinir anvil for a local site. In this case it is the popular T. (Tyler) Davidson Fountain, Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH.
On October 6, 1871, Henry Probasco presented the fountain to the people of Cincinnati as a memorial to his brother-in-law, Tyler Davidson. Cast by Ferdinand von Muller, Director of the Royal Bronze Foundry of Bavaria, the fountain followed plans drawn by August von Kreling. The 9-foot central figure, the Genius of Water, stands with arms outstretched over groupings of figures representing the uses of water. For its hundredth birthday celebration on October 16, 1971, the Tyler Davidson Fountain was renovated, moved to a new location on Fountain Square Plaza and turned to face west instead of east.

The company that made these first two anvils employed highly skilled pattern makers or engravers to produce the high relief artwork on the sheilds.

anvil with shield Leader Department Store
Graber Department Store ? - (126 W. Main - Grand Leader Building) - 1933 - (319 W. Main - Graber Building) - 1935-76 A very popular department store that sold clothing and furnishings for the entire family at a moderate price.
State House Denver Colorado
The above anvil is silver plated to symbolize Denver's connection to silver mining.

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