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  • This event calendar is for blacksmithing or blacksmithing related (living history with demos, bladesmithing, armor, iron making, foundry and other metal related events. . ) events open to the public. Others may be removed.

  • Anyone may post an event here. But please try to get your facts correct.
    We have enough trouble keeping up with our mistakes without having to fix everyone elses.

  • Please keep your posts brief. Do not post your entire event schedule and entry form here. Use the link to do that. IF your group does not have a web page let us know. We sponsor free pages for blacksmithing organizations on our ABANA-Chapter site.

  • Please check immediately before posting that someone else has not posted your event.

  • We request that you use your name or initials AND always use your true e-mail address. We may remove listings without an e-mail contact.

  • HTML tags (code) are not permitted in posts. The system filters out anything put between arrow brackets.

  • This calendar has a "hot link" feature. This feature is a convenience for the users of this forum. Advertisements and links to pages outside the scope of this page, to pages other than event details, or blatent advertising will be removed. SPAM will not be tolerated.

  • We request users of this page as on all our forums is civility (no foul language, no flaming). This is a public forum, women and children make use of it, so be polite. This is also an International forum visited by folks from over 100 countries, so lets not start any wars.

  • ANTI-SPAM: This forum uses a new proprietary ANTI-SPAM system that prevents automatic "harvesting" programs from collecting e-mail addresses. Your e-mail address is encrypted and can only be used directly from this page. It is possible for spammers to manually launch a mail program for each address to collect it but that is time consuming and expensive. Therefore our system is not perfect but it does prevent the primary method of collecting e-mail addresses by spammers.

    Order of Posts are last posted, last listed within months. We will ocassionaly sort the entrys as months fill up. If you make an error or double posting drop us a line and we will correct it.

    Posting: If the calendar does not have a posting input link or box, go to anvilfire Calendar of Events

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