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On the Construction of Locks and Keys by John Chubb

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CONSTRUCTION OF LOCKS AND KEYS. 19 NOTE C. The following letter has been received from Lieut. Tracey, Governor of Westminster Bridewell, and is submitted as a testimonial in favour of the security and durability of Chubb's Patent Locks, and their consequent applicability for prisons, or other places, in which those qualities are requisite. " House of Correction, Westminster, " SIR, "March 11, 1850. " IN reply to your communication of this morning, I have no difficulty in stating my entire approval of the locks prepared by you, and in constant use in this large prison. Very many are necessarily exposed to the weather, from being fitted to the entrances of the several buildings, and although in constant wear, they have proved both secure and capable of resisting wet. I am of opinion, after an experience of nearly sixteen years, that your locks are admirably adapted for every use in prisons, and wherever security is deemed an important consideration. I am, Sir, " John Chubb, Esq., " Your obedient Servant, " St. Paul's Church Yard." " AUG. FRED. TRACEY, Governor, NOTE D. LIST of PATENTS for LOCKS and LATCHES, Granted since the Establishment of the Patent Laws. As no complete List of the Patents granted for Locks, from the time of James I., has hitherto been published, it is believed that the following list, which has been very carefully drawn up, and which comprises all Patents from the year 1774, when the first Patent for a lock was granted, to the present time, will be found useful as a reference for all who are interested in the subject. Black, George, Berwick-on-Tweed. Barren, Robert, London.' Martin, Joshua Lover, Fleet-street, London. Henry, Solomon, Swithin's-lane, London. Campion, John, Newcastle-court, Strand, London. Hutchinson, Samuel, Marylebone, London. Bramah, Joseph, Piccadilly, London. Cornthwaite, Thomas, Kendall, Westmoreland. Rowntree, Thomas, Surrey-street, Blackfriars, London. Bird, Moses, Wardour-street, London. Ferryman, Rev. Robert, Gloucester. Antis, John, Fulneck, near Leeds. Langton, Daniel. Bramah, Joseph. Turner, Thomas. Davis, George. Scott, Richard, Lieut.-Col. Holemberg, Samuel, London. Roux, Albert, Switzerland. Stansbury, Abraham Ogier, New York. Thompson, William, Birmingham. Mitchell, William, Glasgow ; and Lawton, John, London. Ruxton, Thomas, Esq., Dublin. Clark, William, Esq., Bath. c2 1774 May 27 1778 1779 1780 May' 29 May 28 March 4 1782 Jan. 18 1784 , , 1789 1790 July 7 Feb. 23 1791 Oct. 29 July 19 Nov. 3 1797 Nov. 18 1798 f 1799 1801 May 3 Dec. 8 April 11 Feb. 10 ,, June 24 1805 1815 May' 18 Dec. 29 March 7 1816 1817 May 14 Feb. 8

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