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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

Blacksmithing, Chapter, Welding, Jump, Butt, Rings, Chains, Brazing, Twisting, Forms, Twist, Spirals, Bulb, Balls, Cubes, Bending, Riveting, Scrollwork, Shaping, Working, Scrolls, Drawings, Grilles, Welded, Box Forging, Bases, Embossing, Relief, Leaf, Ornamental, Tools, Rosettes, Bulbs, Modeling, Acanthus-Leaf, Design, Raised Forms, Ironwork, Drawer-Pulls, Hinges, Ornate, Window, Fasteners, Examples, Illustrated, Scalloping, Door-Keeps
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HAND - FORGING Chapter V Welding (Concluded). Jump Welding. Butt Welding. Welding Rings. Chains. Brazing ...... 64 Chapter VI Twisting, etc. Various Forms of Twist. Spirals. The Bulb. Balls and Cubes. Banding. Riveting . 77 Chapter VII Scrollwork. Various Methods of Shaping and Working Scrolls. How the Drawings are Made. Grilles. Welded Scrollwork ........... 108 Chapter VIII Box Forging. Two Methods Explained. Various Styles of Bases Illustrated ........ 125 Chapter IX Embossing. Forms in Relief. Leaf and Other Ornamental P'orms. Special Tools. Rosettes, Bulbs, etc. Examples of Modeling. The Acanthus-Leaf Design. Raised Forms. How Ornamental Ironwork Should be Finished .............. 134 Chapter X Drawer-Pulls and Hinges. Simple and Ornate Window Fasteners. Examples Illustrated. Scalloping. Door-Keeps, and Other Keeps and Hinges . . .159 10

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