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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

Blacksmithing, forge, BALLS, COLLARS, working, collar, welded, fullered, hammered, round, finished, handle, Hat and Coat Rack, ironwork, shank, drawn out, ball, hammering, anvil, hammering, shape, poker, squared, twisting, riveted, Screw-holes, drilled, fastened
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BALLS AND COLLARS 103 In working out the ball a collar may be welded at the end, or the stock may be fullered as shown in Fig. 59, at A. If a ball only is wanted the end is hammered round and finished, then cut off. However, if it is to be the end for a handle or Fig. 60. Hat and Coat Rack some other useful part in ironwork, the shank is drawn out, and the ball is worked up by hammering it on the anvil, first by hammering the edge, as shown at B, then rounding into shape. If the ball is to be used for the end of a poker, the handle may be squared and enriched by twisting as shown at C. Fig. 60 shows a simple hat and coat rack consisting of two pieces of %-in. square iron welded together, with a ball worked at each end as shown in cut, and riveted to a plate l/g m- thick. Screw-holes are drilled so that it may be fastened in place.

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