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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND, FORGING, Banding, fastened, band, collar, rectangular, half-round, swaged, ornamental, shapes, hammered, grille, scrollwork, immovable
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104 HAND - FORGING Banding.—Two or more pieces of stock may be fastened together with a band or collar. The stock may be of any size or shape, but bands are generally made from rectangular or half-round, and often swaged in ornamental shapes. The stock is first bent in a U shape and then ham- Fig. 61. Handing Flat Bars mered around the bars to be fastened together. In doing this the band may be heated, or, if it is of light stock, it may be hammered cold. Bands are mostly used in grille and scrollwork, and they become one of the ornamental parts, as well as serving to make the part immovable. In Fig. 61, at A, three flat bars are shown fastened together with a band. In banding stock of

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