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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

BANDING, RIVETING, tool, bands, spreading, hammering, bars, riveted, drawing, Rivet-Set, square hole, anvil, vise, U shape, tool, bars, band, hammered, headed, hammer, hole, drilled, iron, countersunk
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BANDING AND RIVETING 105 this kind a simple tool is used to keep the bands from spreading while hammering around the bars. The tool consists of a plate 1/2 in. thick and 5 in. square with an upright piece riveted into the plate. (See drawing of tool at B.) The tool is made to be set on a bench or platform. One Rivet-Set- Fig. 63. Tools Used in Riveting may also be made to fit the square hole in the anvil, or it may be used in a vise. To fasten a band as shown at A, the U shape C is first set into the slot in the tool, the three bars are laid on the inside with their edges up, and the ends of the band are then hammered tightly. Riveting.A rivet will render parts immovable if it is headed on each side and drawn tight with a hammer. If a hole is drilled through two pieces of iron and countersunk or enlarged at each end, and a rivet inserted, hammering it tight,

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