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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND, FORGING, nailed, smooth, painted black, legs, trestles, scrollwork, soft steel, drawing, fastened, rivet, design, drawn, chalk, full size, drafting-board, string, scroll, outline, knot, Perfecting a Scroll, measured, forming
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p.110 HAND-FORGING nailed together with one side smooth and painted black. It may be placed on legs or trestles. Say that a piece of scrollwork as in Fig. 64 is to be made from lx^/4-in. soft steel. The drawing shows each member fastened with a rivet. The design must first be drawn with chalk, full size, on the drafting-board, and each member must be fitted to the drawing. To do this the largest piece in the design is measured to find its length. This is done by using a string. Starting with the end of the string at one end of the scroll, it is laid over the entire outline until it comes to the other end. It is then cut or a knot tied in it. The length of the string as cut, or up to this knot, is the length Fig. 66. Perfecting a Scroll to cut the stock. The next largest scroll is now measured and cut, and then the three small ones. In forming a scroll, the stock is heated on the end and the eye turned first. In doing this the

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