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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

p.122, HAND - FORGING, Fig. 75, scroll, twisted, pencil line, center punch, Fig. 75, Riveting, Scrollwork, drilled,  holes, drilled
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p.122 HAND - FORGING dotted line at A, Fig. 75. The scroll is then pulled or twisted to one side, and the pencil line is carried across the flat surface of the stock and the center marked with a center punch. The holes Fig. 75. Method of Riveting Scrollwork are drilled as shown at B. The scroll is then twisted in line and riveted. Sometimes these holes can be drilled without doing this, especially if the scrolls are coiled loosely. Welded Scrollwork.—When two or more parts of a scroll are to be united, welding is a most effective means, but this requires considerable skill. Scrollwork that is to be welded may be made from either rectangular or round stock. The principle

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