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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

SCROLLWORK. p.123, forming, bars, scroll, shape, Fig. 76, weld, measured, hammering, Fig. 76, Welding, anvil, drawing
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SCROLLWORK p.123 of forming the bars into scroll shape is the same as previously described for flat-stock scrollwork. Say, for example, a piece of scrollwork is to be made from round stock and formed like the drawing in Fig. 76. To make this, one weld is to be made as indicated by the dotted line crossing the bar. The length is found by measuring the parts with a string, starting at the dotted line. The part A is measured and cut plenty long. This piece is also smaller in diameter than the rest of the scroll. It is upset on one end considerably, and the eye is formed by hammering it on the Fig. 76. Method of Welding Scrollwork edge of the anvil, as shown in the drawing. To find the exact length for this piece it is now measured again and the end cut off and upset for the weld. Part B is treated in the same manner.

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