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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

p.124, HAND-FORGING, heated, welding, scarfed, Fig. 77, Formed, Scroll, Shape, lapping, swages, anvil, bending-fork, drawing
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p.124 HAND-FORGING The two pieces are now heated to a welding heat and lapped as shown at D, welding them at the end. At the same time they are scarfed. The piece C is now measured and cut. One end is upset considerably and scarfed. A heat is taken Fig. 77. Flat Stock Welded and Formed into Scroll Shape on the pieces, lapping them as shown at E and welding. After the weld is made it is smoothed by using the swages. In forming the scroll it is heated at the eye and bent into shape by hammering the bars over the horn of the anvil and also with the bending-fork. Where the bar A intersects bar C they are not halved into one another, but laid side by side. As the scroll is formed into shape it must be tried on the drawing, after working each heat, to see that it fits.

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