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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

p.126, HAND, FORGING, drawn, cast-iron, block, shank, anvil, Fig. 78, Candelabrum, Box, sledge hammer, hammered
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p.126 HAND - FORGING and drawn out to fit into a square hole in a cast-iron block, or if the shank is to be 1 in. square it may fit the hole in the anvil. The heavy piece shown at B is then heated and the shank inserted Fig. 78. Candelabrum with Box Base into the hole in the anvil. With the sledge hammer it is hammered until it is flattened to the desired thickness, in this case about ^ in. It will be necessary to take more than one heat to do this, and, while hammering, the piece must be kept straight. When the part that is to make the base is flattened it is cut square, measuring 0^/2 m- on

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