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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

EMBOSSED WORK, p.143, hammering, acanthus, leaf, metal, drawing, Fig. 90, modeled, metal, flattened, pattern, develop, Fig. 91
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EMBOSSED WORK p.143 skill in the use of simple tools. Before hammering up the acanthus leaf in metal a drawing is first made showing the leaf as it would appear when finished, and then another showing the shape of the leaf before it is modeled—that is, a developed drawing of the leaf as it would appear flattened after being cut from the sheet without working in any manner. It is hardly possible to lay this out exact, nor is it necessary, as it will work up in a satisfactory shape if the general dimensions are correct. In Fig. 90, at A, is a drawing of a leaf as it will appear when modeled in metal; at B the same leaf is shown as it would appear when flattened, or the drawing to be used for the pattern. To develop this pattern its length is found first. This is done by stepping along the rib of the leaf Fig. 91. Modeled Leaf

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