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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

FINISH, p.157, candle, brazing, spelter, drip pan, riveted, stem, candlestick, Fig. 104, Match-Receivers, illustration, metal, socket, Finish, Interior, ironwork, painted, electric plating, wrought iron
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FINISH, ETC. p.157 candle is bent round, butting the edges together and brazing them, A bottom is fitted in and brazed with spelter. This bottom, projecting all around, forms the drip pan. It is riveted to the stem. The surface of the candlestick is chis- Fig. 104. Candlestick and Match-Receivers eled as shown in the illustration. The stem and base are cut while the metal is hot, and the socket and drip pan when cold. Finish.—Interior ironwork should never be painted or covered with electric plating. If covered with a coating the article might just as well be made from wood or some other material, as from wrought iron. Ironwork must be seen as

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