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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

PULLS, HINGES, p.161, Fig. 106, Drawer-Pull, chisel, chisels, drilled, square punch, oil, countersunk, hammering, Fig. 107, Handle
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PULLS AND HINGES p.161 Fig. 106. Outline of Plate of Drawer-Pull chisel, after which it is heated and cut from one side by using flat and curved chisels. The edge is smoothed with a file, and all the holes are drilled. The holes for the lugs are made square by driving a square punch into them. It is well to rub a little oil on the punch before using, as this will allow it to be released easier. The lugs are next made and placed into the holes which have previously been countersunk on the back of the plate. The lugs are made tight by hammering, and afterward ground or filed smooth. The holes are also drilled in the lugs to fasten the Fig. 107. Making the Handle of a Drawer-Pull

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