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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

p.164, HAND FORGING, Fig. 109, edge, scalloped, curved chisel, Fig. 110, Drawing, Hinge, Method, Forming, hammer, fuller, modeling-hammer, Fig. 110
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p.164 HAND - FORGING Fig. 109 shows a drawing for a pull. The edge of the plate is scalloped. This is done when it is cut from the sheet, and a curved chisel is used for this purpose. The scallops also turn up a little. Fig. 110. Drawing for a Hinge, with Method of Forming This is effected by heating the plate and stretching the stock a little between the scallops with a hammer and small fuller. The center of the plate is domed out a little by hammering it on the back with a modeling-hammer. Hinges.—In Fig. 110, at A, is shown a drawing for a hinge that may be made from heavy

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