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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

LAMP STANDARD, p.189, pipe, drill, tapped, rivet, vise, Fig. 120, Braces, Fig. 120, hammered, file, emery cloth, shade, center punch, hammer, metal, Fig. 119
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LAMP STANDARD p.189 pipe with a 7/32-in. drill and tapped with a 1/4-in. tap. A 1/2-in. rod is now run through the pipe. Screws are run in the holes onto the rod and cut off long enough to rivet. They are riveted with a set in the vise and one on the rivet directly over Fig. 120. Riveting the Braces it, as shown in Fig. 120. When the rivets are all hammered down with a round head the other two braces are fastened and the 1/2-in. round rod taken out of the pipe. The standard is now smoothed with a file and emery cloth and finished by burning oil on it. The shade is now set on the standard. A center punch is set on the cap directly over the hole in the top piece, and it is given a blow with a hammer to force the metal into it. This will allow the shade to go onto the standard at the same place each time it is taken off and put on. The hole in the top of the standard is shown at C in Fig. 119.

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