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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

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INTRODUCTORY 21 of curve and direction in their lines, giving them a variety which the circle does not afford. The spiral is an important element in the designing of ironwork. It may be closely coiled in order to give it the appearance of strength and resistance, or the coil may be loose, to suggest lightness and grace. These geometrical forms will yield curves of great decorative value to the designer of ironwork. By using portions of their curves and combining them with one another and with straight lines, the result will be a variety of lines which may be used in the formation of rich patterns. Note the curves combined in Fig. 2. At A two spirals of different size are connected with a portion of the curve of the oval. The fusion of lines is so complete that it is difficult to determine the Fig. 2. Curve Combinations juncture of lines. At B are shown two spirals connected with a straight line; at C, the curves of the oval with the spiral. At D are two spirals unwinding from a common center. This form may often be used to advantage in designing ironwork.

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