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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

combined, straight, line, curve, circle, oval, spiral, simple, curves, design, ellipse, Fig. 3, parabola, formation, method, laying out, repeats, diagonal, arrangement, equal triangles, geometrical
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22 HAND - FORGING At E we have combined the straight line with the curve of the circle, the oval and the spiral. These examples of simple curves are given here to show that they may be combined to form lines that will be of value in design. The curves of the ellipse Fig. 3. Laying Out a Design. and parabola may also be used to great advantage in the formation of these curves. In Fig. 3 we have a method of laying out a design which repeats on each side of a diagonal line and which consists of an arrangement of eight equal triangles. This design is made up of curves of the geometrical forms mentioned above, ar-

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