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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

Blacksmithing, tools, EQUIPMENT, round head, hand hammer, tongs, fire, heated, rein, Fig. 5, Forging, rivet, jaws, fit, smiths
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THE EQUIPMENT 31 together and finishing with a round head, or as nearly round as can be done with a hand hammer. The tongs are then placed in the fire, and when heated, a rein is grasped in each hand, working them back and forth until they work freely on Fig. 5. Method of Forging Tongs the rivet. Rivets in larger tongs should be of |:-in., %-in. or jg-in. stock, according to the kind and size of tongs. Stock rivets with a head on one end should not be used, as the tongs will not hold so well nor look so neat. Tongs should not be filed unless in corners of jaws to make them fit. Some smiths never use a file on tongs. They are supposed to be forged and not filed, and so they should be seen as forged work.

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