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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

FORGING, PROCESSES, striking, hand hammer, iron, hot, sledge hammer, punch, handle, Upsetting, Ramming, anvil
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FORGING PROCESSES 43 larging the part by striking it with a hand hammer. Punching.—Holes may be punched while the iron is hot or when cold. It depends on the size of stock and the facilities at hand for doing the work. Heavy stock is punched while the iron is hot, using a sledge hammer and a punch with a handle in it. Light punching may be done with Fig. 15. Upsetting by Ramming the hand hammer and a hand punch. In punching while the iron is hot, the piece is taken to the anvil and the punch set on the part that is to have the hole; it is then given a few sharp blows

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