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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND, Solid Forgings, hammering, flatted smooth, cross weld
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48 HAND - FORGING Fig. 20. Solid Forgings while hammering on the opposite side will force the crack deeper into the corner. After the corner is worked square it should be flatted smooth. Another method in working a square corner is to upset the bar considerably and then bend the angle and work up the corner in the manner described above. Perhaps this is the safest method, although it takes more time. Solid Forgings.A solid forging is one that is forged from one piece of stock, as, for instance, a form like the one shown in Fig. 20 at A. This piece can be made with a cross weld by using lx3/8-in. stock, but if it is to be forged from one

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