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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

Blacksmithing, FORGING, band, weld, formed, welded, cooled, tire-measuring wheel, traveler, revolutions, indicator
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50 HAND-FORGING receive the band, allowing for the weld. The stock is then cut and the band formed and welded, after which it is heated red, driven in place and cooled with water. If the band be a large one, the stock is cut so as to allow a little more than is needed. It is then formed cold by hand or in rollers. The part that is to receive the band is run on the outside with a tire-measuring wheel or traveler as shown in Fig. 21, noting the number of revolutions of the traveler; the band is then run on the inside with the traveler, stopping when the indicator or hand registers the same number of revolutions; the extra stock is cut off, and the band welded. It is then heated and driven in place.

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