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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

SCARF WELDING, sand, flux, soft steel, heating, white marble, red, hammer, welding compounds, Scarfing, the trade, dealers
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SCARF WELDING 53 of some kind, such as sand. A good flux for soft steel is made by heating a piece of white marble red, letting it cool and pounding it fine with a hammer. . This is used in the same manner as sand. Any of the welding compounds offered to ' Fig. 22. Scarfing the trade by dealers may be used to advantage in making some forms of welds. There are many kinds of welding in use, depending on the strain they have to resist and the equipment for making them. Following are some of the common kinds which will be described in detail: Scarf weld, corner weld, T weld, split weld, jump weld and lap weld. Scarf Welding.—This kind of welding requires a fire with a good bank of coal on the sides and back, well rounded up. There should be plenty

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