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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

SCARF WELDING, hammered, scarfed, heat, smith, anvil, Splitting, rap, foreign matter, scarfs, raised, teetering, smith
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SCARF WELDING 55 hammered down with a series of steps, as shown in Fig. 23, after which it is turned on its side and drawn to a point, as shown in Fig. 24. When both are scarfed, they are placed in the fire with the laps down and raised to the welding heat. The smith takes both pieces out onto the anvil at Fig. 26. Splitting the End the same time, giving them a rap in order to knock off any foreign matter that might be on the scarfs. The piece in the right hand is set directly on the center of the anvil with the lap up. The piece in the left hand is placed against the inside edge of the anvil, as shown by the dotted lines in Fig. 25. The hand is then raised, teetering the piece on top of the one under it. The smith then lets go of the piece in the right hand and with the hand

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