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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND-FORGING, welded, separate heats, round iron, heated, center, bar, enlarged, upsetting, upset, vise, thin hot chisel, scarfed, hammer, fire
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58 HAND-FORGING should always be welded with separate heats. Suppose, for instance, two pieces of 1-in. round iron 10 in. long are to be welded. One piece is Fig. 28. Welding heated in the center of the bar and considerably enlarged by upsetting. The other piece is heated on the end and upset, and then caught in a vise and the end split about 3/4 in. deep with a thin hot chisel. (See Fig. 26.) Each of the split parts is now scarfed on the inside directly on the end with the hammer. At the same time the scarfs are formed to fit the round part of the other bar. (See Fig. 27.) The bars are now placed in the fire and raised to the welding heat. To do this the fire must be clean. The piece that is split on

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