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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

SCARF WELDING, fire, handled, right hand, blast, coke, covering the iron, bank of coal, blast, uniform heat, anvil, split bar, Scarfs, helper, strikes, blows, sledge hammer, scarf
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SCARF WELDING 59 the end is placed in the fire so it may be handled with the right hand. The blast is then turned on slowly, having plenty of coke on top of the fire, covering the iron. The fire should also be open in the front and back, with a good bank of coal on the sides. As the pieces begin to heat, a little more blast is turned on, watching them closely so as to get them to a uniform heat and also getting the heat in the right place. When the heat is right, the smith takes both pieces to the anvil, holding the split bar perpendicular and standing Fig. 29. Scarfs around Small Bars it on top of the other bar, as shown at Fig. 28. The helper strikes it a few quick blows with a sledge hammer, driving the split end into the other bar and welding it fast. This will force the end of the scarf to spread out a little, letting out

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