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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND FORGING, dirt, smith, hammer, swaged, Welded Joint, heats, scarfs, split lap, heat, vise, chisel
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60 HAND - FORGING the dirt that may have formed. The smith now turns the piece quickly on its side and welds down the laps with a hand hammer. The work is now swaged to its original size. Small bars are not Fig. 80. The Welded Joint welded with separate heats; therefore the scarfs are left a little longer. When both pieces are prepared, the split lap is hammered around the other bar so it will be tight enough to hold while getting the heat. In doing this the split bar should be held in a vise in order to hammer the laps tight. (See Figs. 29 and 30.) The laps when hammered around this bar should not be so long that the ends touch. If that should be the case, they must be cut off with a sharp chisel while they are still

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