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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

SCARF WELDING, vise, fire, red heat, flux, heat, smith, hand hamme, large coarse file, swaged, Corner, Cross, welded, upset, scarfed, ball of the hammer, hammer, clean fire
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SCARF WELDING 61 in the vise. They are then placed in the fire and brought to a red heat. A little flux is now put on and the piece is raised to a welding heat. It is welded by the smith with a hand hammer. The work while hot is fastened in a vise and the end of the lap roughed off with a large coarse file. It may then be reheated and swaged to size. T, Corner and Cross Welding with Flat or Square Stock.—Suppose two pieces of l-l/2 x 3/8-in. stock 6 in. and 10 in. long are to be welded. The long piece is heated in the center and upset. It is then scarfed with the ball of the hammer, or a fuller may be used, working a series of little Fig. 32. Lapped Fig. 31. Scarfing steps on the lap. The short piece is then upset on one end and scarfed with the hammer as shown in Fig. 31. They are now placed in a clean fire, one that is open in the front and back, with a

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