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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND FORGING, bank of coal, laps, fire, welding heat, long bar, anvil, lapped, hammer, set hammer, Corner welds, heat, lapped, cross, right angles, Rectangular stock, intersecting points
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62 HAND - FORGING bank of coal on each side. The laps are turned down in the fire and the welding heat is raised. The long bar is to be handled in the left hand and the short bar in the right hand. They are taken Fig. 33. Scarfs on Corners to the anvil and lapped as shown in Fig. 32, welding them with the hand hammer and working the corners square with a set hammer. Corner welds are prepared in the same manner, as shown in Fig. 33, and when the heat is taken they are lapped as shown in Fig. 34. Square bars are also welded in the same way, both T and corner. Cross welding is a weld in which, when finished, the stock takes the form of a cross. In other words, one bar is crossed at right angles to another. Rectangular stock is generally used in this kind of welding. The pieces are prepared by first upsetting them in the center or at the intersecting points. The scarfs are made with the

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