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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND FORGING, blast, fire, anvil, fire, helper, sledge hammer, smith, tongs, set hammer, fuller, lap, blows, T Jump Weld, T-weld, rectangular, stock
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66 HAND - FORGING giving all the blast the fire will stand. The pieces are then taken to the anvil, at the same time giving them a knock to dislodge the dirt. The flat piece is turned over with the side up that was down in the fire; the square piece is set onto it, and the helper gives a few quick, sharp blows with the sledge hammer. The smith now lets go of the tongs in the right hand and with a set hammer or fuller follows around the lap while the helper strikes the tool quick blows. (See Fig. 36.) The piece may now be reheated and finished to size. Fig. 37. Stock Prepared for a T Jump Weld Fig. 37 shows how rectangular stock of the same size is prepared for a T when making a jump weld. Note that the lap is worked out

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