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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

BUTT WELDING, two sides, weld, hammered, jump welding, Square stock, welded, scarfing, scarfed, butting, ends, helper, strikes, sledge hammer, heated
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BUTT WELDING 67 from two sides only. This kind of weld is hammered in the same manner as previously described for jump welding. Square stock of the same size may be welded by scarfing instead of with a jump Fig. 38. Butt Welding weld, if desired, but if the lower piece, Fig. 37, were a flat one it would be welded with a jump weld for the reason that, being thin, it could not be scarfed readily. Butt Welding.—Sometimes heavy bars are welded by butting the ends together as shown in Fig. 38. In making the butt weld the heat is taken on the ends of the bars. One piece is taken to the anvil by the helper; the other is handled by the smith. Butting the two hot ends together, a second helper strikes on the end of one bar with a sledge hammer while the smith holds them firm. As the hot ends begin to unite, the smith and the other helper strike on the part uniting, welding them together. In preparing the ends of the bars to be butted, they are heated

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