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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND FORGING, burned, spelter, blast, heat, melt, flow, joint, fire, joint, brazed, hot, scraped, borax, scale, brass, brittle, hot, Brazing
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76 HAND-FORGING and when it is well burned the spelter is put on. The blast is then turned on, and when the pieces have reached the right heat the spelter will melt and flow through the joint. The pieces are now taken out of the fire, and at the same time they are turned over a few times so that the spelter will not run to the under side and settle in a lump. The joint when brazed, and while it is still hot, is scraped with a file in order to remove the surplus borax and scale that always remains. In doing this care must be taken, as brass is very brittle when hot, and any rough treatment is liable to fracture the joint. If the pieces be allowed to cool without being cleaned, the borax will be very hard to remove, as it becomes glazed, due to the heat of the fire. Brazing is a simple process, and after a little practice one will have no trouble.

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