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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND FORGING, tool, bars, marked, proper, distances, twisted, grille, work, enhanced, scrollwork, twists, grille, scroll, twist, border, frame, channel, ribbon, formed, round, soft, steel, poker, shovel, bent, hammering
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86 HAND-FORGING and then the tool made to suit it, or the bars may be marked at the proper distances and then twisted. This kind of grille work may be greatly enhanced by introducing scrollwork in connection with the twists. Fig. 50 shows a grille consisting of scroll and twist. The bars are turned into a scroll at the ends, forming a border. The frame is made Fig. 49. Mesh of Twisted Flat Bars from a small channel, and the scroll ends of twisted bars fit into the channel. At the top of the grille the scroll alternates with a bar which is formed into a ribbon. A great variety of this kind of grille work may be made with the twist and scroll and with the addition of other details. Four pieces of round soft steel twisted together may be used as a handle for a poker or shovel. To do this a piece of 3/16-in. round is cut 12 in. long, heated in the center and bent so that the ends meet. After hammering the two rods together, the piece is again heated, catching one

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