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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

TWISTS, SPIRALS, vise, twisting, tongs, welded, poker, Braided Handle, round, welded, collar, twists, finish, heated
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TWISTS AND SPIRALS 89 end in a vise and twisting to the right with a pair of tongs. The piece is shown in Fig. 51, at A. Another is made in the same manner, and the two are welded together at one end, as shown at B. If the handle is intended for a poker a Fig. 51. A Braided Handle piece of 3/8-in. round may be welded to it, and a small collar is welded at the base of the twists to give it a finish. The top part may also be welded and an eye turned at the end. The entire handle is now heated and twisted to the right. It should be twisted considerably, and it must be kept straight and not allowed to get out of shape. Then the handle is heated again, and it is twisted to the left until it appears as shown at C, forming a braided effect.

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