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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

Blacksmithing, Forged, Introductory, Spirit of Decorating, History, Ornamental Ironwork, Beauty, Strength, Pliability, Combined, Principles, Designing, Ornament, Decoration, Decorative, Curves, Lines, Inspiration, Art, Nature, Equipment, The Forge, Fuel, Fire, Heating, Materials, Wrought-Iron, Mild-Steel, Tool-Steel, Tools, Hammers, Anvil, Draw, Iron, Working at the Forge, Processes, Upsetting, Ramming, Punching, Bending, Shrinking Bands, Welding, Scarf, Lap, T-Welding
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Table of Contents Chapter I Introductory. The Spirit of Decorating. History of Ornamental Ironwork. Beauty, Strength and Pliability Combined. Correct Principles in Designing. Mere Ornament not Decoration. Decorative Value of Curves and Lines. The Inspiration of Art and Nature ............... 17 Chapter II Equipment. The Forge. Fuel. The Fire. Heating. Materials Used in 'Forging: Wrought Iron. Mild Steel. Tool Steel. Tools and How to Make Them. Hammers and the Anvil. How to Draw the Iron . 24 Chapter III Working at the Forge. Various Processes Described. Upsetting. Ramming. Punching. Bending. Solid Forgings. Shrinking Bands ........ 41 Chapter IF Various Forms of Welding. Scarf Welding. Lap Welding. T Welding with Round Iron. T, Corner and Cross Welding with Flat or Square Stock . . 51

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