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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

TWISTS, SPIRALS, spiral, heated, bottom swage, hammered, light hammer, round, coils, screwdriver, wide blade, heating, twist, afterward, welding
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TWISTS AND SPIRALS 93 pulled apart as shown at B. The spiral is again heated, and, setting it in a bottom swage, it is hammered with a light hammer to round it. If any of the coils are too close or too far apart they may be trued with a tool like a screwdriver and Fig. 53. Method of Forming Spirals which has a wide blade. This is done by heating the spiral and pressing the coils together, then pressing the blade of the tool between the coils, giving it a twist, and thus forcing the coils apart. It is best to start at one end of the spiral and continue to the other end, moving each coil that needs it with the tool. Two spirals of this kind may be twisted into one another, afterward welding the stem to-

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