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Hand Forging by Thomas F. Googerty

HAND, FORGING, punch, hammer, bulb, hole, anvil, vise, threaded, screwed, andiron, twisted, Balls, Cubes, balls, round, cubes, octagonals, square, drawing, metal
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98 HAND-FORGING rods needs a little rectifying, it is done with the punch and hammer by setting the bulb over the hole in the anvil or catching it in a vise. The bottom end is threaded so the bulb can be screwed into the top of an andiron or wherever it is to be used. Fig. 57. Bulb in Center of Bar Bulbs of this kind may be made on the end of a bar if desired, making the whole one piece. The bulb may also be made of square rods twisted and then worked in bulb form as shown in Fig. 56, or they may be made in the center of a bar, as in Fig. 57. Balls and Cubes.—In working up a solid ball or cube several methods may be employed. The stock used in forging balls should be round. For forming cubes or octagonals square stock is best. One method of forging them is to use a heavy piece of stock, drawing the metal away from the part that is to be the ball or cube. Or a collar may be welded at the end of a light bar, then working the collar in the form desired. Another method is to upset the end of a light bar and work the form into shape.

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