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The Old Welder Comics shop tips safety and shop stories by Frank Tabor - Welder working in dark and very dangerous location.  Heroism or stupidity?

Workers are often pushed to do things that maybe they should not. However, most of the great works of man were created by nameless "heros" doing these dangerous jobs.

Today, we have much better worker protection and while many a dangerous job that MUST be done get done, many that could be done much safer are. Today it is rare to go into a machine, fabrication or welding shop and see workers wearing an eye-patch where they lost and eye, have missing fingers or toes. However, these sights were not unusual a few generations ago. Workers that looked like extras from a pirate movie were common in the shops of the 1960's and up into the 1970's.

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Patient Waiting Room, Impatient Waiting Room - door slaming

Impatient patients

By Frank C. Tabor
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