Welcome to the anvilfire! AnvilCAM the only commercial blacksmith's webcam on the Internet!
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The AnvilCAM netcasts both live webcam feeds and pre-recorded video. We do not yet have full time shop cams but do netcast special events. We have had live feeds from New Zealand's Howick Historical Village in Auckland and the first sunrise of the twentieth century.

We take you there! Every night of the ABANA 2000 conference we will have video taken the same day!

Curently showing are raw videos from the 1998 ABANA conference, BGOP's 1999 Spring-Fling, The Southeast Conference and Tannehill 1999. There is no set schedule at this time. Times will be posted as they are determined.

In the future we will bring you:

  • Previews of blacksmithing videos.
  • Video iForge demos
  • Live Shop AnvilCAMs
  • Live Pay-Per-Play events
  • Slide show demos and tours.
  • Scheduled weekly shows


[ START ] Click on "START" in the control box below to begin loading images. Images change every 6 seconds if there is a good connection on both your end or our end. The text <-here-> will display comments or title of the current video. The TOP entries are the most current. These refresh once a minute. The comments may be a log of the weeks titles or live running comments about the current video. Sample:

New Video Title: Comments
Saturday, 07/08/00 00:24:11 GMT
Last Video Title: Comments
Friday, 07/07/00 22:24:11 GMT
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