Locksmithing for Blacksmiths and Hobbiests

Forged Key on Anvil Illustration (c) Jock Dempsey

Locks and Keys Part I,

How primitive locks work, bolts, wards, tumblers, parts of keys.
Antique anchor ward bit key

Locks and Keys Part II,
Wards and Bits

Plate, cylinder and combination wards, keyhole wards, bit shapes. The first level of security.
Lever Tumbler Drawing

Locks and Keys Part III,
Lever Tumblers

Lever tumblers the second technical level of security. Plain and trap tumblers.
Antique Padlock

Locks and Keys Part IV,
Pad Locks

Simple padlocks, hinged, laminated plunger, examples of hand made locks.
Blank Making

Bit Key Blank Making

Article on OldLocks.com. As stocks of old key blanks dry up and more people want old locks restored the art of making the blank key becomes more important.

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