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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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1998 ABANA Conference Opening Day
West Coast JYH Team delivers TWO hammers, sandbags East Coast Team!

Grant Sarver (far left) explaining how the West Coast JYH works. Note modifications to the "original" JYH as Grant calls it! Front of JYH "anvil" has been modified to look like a real London pattern anvil with the addition of a horn with a step and a heel with a hardy hole!

Second JYH built for under $50! Using an "off the shelf" sledge hammer, it is a "striking" hammer. More details later.


From left to right, Grant Sarver, Jock Dempsey, Jim "paw paw" Wilson and Jack Slack.

Fantastic June weather here folks! Thursday is starting out the same!

East Coast JYH at Asheville - Ready to Go!

Yep, I'm afraid that's me folks (Jock Dempsey), designer and builder of the EC-JYH and anvilfire Guru.

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June 17th, 1998 - Asheville Edition.
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