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Night Forging Demo at Forging Station #1
Art Jones forging a 60 pound billet under a 300# Chambersburg utility (air) hammer.

My appologies to Art! I had previously indicated it was Toby Hickman doing the demo. Toby was the station captain at the heavy forging station and assisted Art. Art, if you see this, I owe you one!
Art Jones is an artist blacksmith with a long history of industrial forging work. One thing I learned at Art's demo, leather aprons get hot and burn the wearer, cotton is better. On heavy forging work the cotton aprons get hot and singe or burn but do not burn the wearer like leather.
A full house waits patiently for the next heat. 300+ people were inside the demo tent and at least the same number outside in the standing room only crowd! The heat in the piece above is after final forging! Several shapes were produced and Art was a very informative demonstrator.

We arrived late to the more than standing room only crowd! These photos were taken with a telephoto lens and could have been better. By 9:00 Sunday morning this station with all its heavy equipment was stripped bare!
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June 17th, 1998 - Asheville Edition.
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