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Kayne & Son
100 Daniel Ridge Rd.
Candler, NC 28715
BIG BLUE by Steve Kayne and Son

People have been asking me about this hammer for months and I didn't have a clue! I met Steve Kayne 20 years ago and visited him once at his home in Smithtown, NY. Steve and his family now live in the North Carolina mountains and have shifted their business from blacksmith work to tools for blacksmiths. The Kaynes are another Peddinghaus dealer among other things and build the "big blue"

What do I think of the "Big Blue"? Well, as you can see it has the most throat depth of the new small air hammers. It has a repeat action that gives it the feel of a self contained hammer. Its a very nice machine. It's well built and competively priced. I'll have to try it out before I could say much more.

One comparison I CAN make. All the small air hammers hit harder and are much more controllable than either JYH or a 50# little Giant. All probably hit harder than a 100# Little Giant. The work I did building the EC-JYH, if compensated at $25/hour, would buy any one of the new small machines.

The KA-##'s definitely hit harder but they have two cylinders. I think the Bull hits harder than the Big Blue and has some intresting control features the others don't have. You can make a living with any of these machines.
On the other hand, these machines were sitting next to the big Kuhn self contained being sold by Centaur Forge. Yep, Its BIG bucks, but it too will pay for itself in productivity. With no practice or warm up I was able to bring the dies close enough to each other lift the dust off each other! This was at maybe 200 strokes per minute or faster (I'll look it up later)! This is an industrial duty machine with industrial durability.
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