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Left side Lou Mueller, right side David Ponsler. They are part of a four man team that stamped the ABANA logo into short bars of .25" x 3.5" mild steel using a coining die made by Lou. David ran the hammer, which is his, striking single blows using tbe side levers. Lou held the die, Toby Hickman, not pictured, was the blacksmith, that is he put the hot steel in the die and said go. Tony Reece ran the two NC forges and had a hot bar ready to grab, and made sure the blacksmith had the unstamped end. These bars with four impressions each were sold at the demomstrators auction.

Tony Reece, of Ahtens GA , tightening or adjusting the dies on the Chambersburg 300#, and the back of Bill Price of Memphis, TN, Were part of the power hammer crew that provided support to the demomstrators. The other members of the crew were David Ponsler, Jacksonville FL and Toby Hickman, Sebastapol, CA.

Corrected captions by Toby Hickman

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