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Volume 6 - AFC Edition - Page 9
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)
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Montgomery Alabama Group Forge
The Montgomery group provided their trailer mounted multi forge setup for a teaching station and for the nail making contest. The four identical forges swing out and have an extendable leg for support.

The forge includes a small anvil and stand for each station.
Forge pans were made from the ends of a discarded hot water heater. In the center a "pot" was made about 6-7" in dia and 3" deep. The tywer is made from a big weld "T" with a counter balanced ash dump. The clinker breaker is fabricated from round disks welded to the cross bar.
These forges were a little light (as they should be when putting four on a trailer) but worked quite well. During the nail making contest the one burning coke had the entire bottom of the fire pot glowing red! Small electric blowers provided the blast. Air enters in a loop so that the sliding gate valve blast control is on the same axis as the clinker breaker and so that the blower fits under the forge. A nice compact design.
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September 15th, 1998 - AFC Edition.
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