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Volume 6 - AFC Edition - Page 14
Glenn Gilmore Demonstration
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)
Vol. 2 ABANA - Vol. 4 ABANA Late Edition
Vol. 3 Camp Fenby Edition   Vol. 5 PABA Edition  
Sinking a die on the AFC's air hammer. Glenn used two round bars welded together to sink the mild steel die.

Mild steel is often overlooked for dies. However, it holds up quite well even for production runs of thousands of pieces. Mild steel will not hold up where there are sharp edges or fine detail. If you keep your iron hot and the die cool you can forge a LOT of parts with simple dies.
The die after sinking
Sorry this image is a little out of focus. Contrary to what I said about sharp edges this die has a sharp center ridge. It will still hold up more than long enough to complete a custom job.

This die was designed to be used one sided for shaping the top of a decorative bar. Two of these could easily be used to produce "rope" as a clapper die.
Spindle forged in another die on the air hammer.
This spidle was forged in a clapper die with top and bottom impressions.
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September 15th, 1998 - AFC Edition.
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