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Volume 17 - Page 5 of 13 March 4, 2000
Colonial Williamsburg Virginia - Continued
Images from the past are what Colonial Williamsburg is famous for providing. space
Williamsburg Touchmark

At Colonial Williamsburg a touchmark is not just a touchmark. Exacting reproductions are made here in genuine wrought iron. After a few years of rust you would not be able to distinguish the reproductions from genuine 18th Century work.

Its a good idea to mark your work but you should ALWAYS mark reproduction work produced in wrought iron.

bench 3 Production Work is what the typical 18th Century shop was about. Workers made everything here and most of the times in quantity.

Its the repetition of making a hundred of this and a hundred of that that makes your work smooth clean and crisp. Every one of those skewers is a lesson in becomeing efficient. When learning to forge if you start small and make a quantity of the same item (you can never make enough hooks) you get the practice that makes the metal more cooperative and move where you want it.

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March 1st 2000 Edition
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